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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Join our Practice Plan for just 53p a day

Here at Harborne Dental Practice, we want dentistry to be affordable for everyone. That's why, in partnership with Practice Plan, we offer all our patients the chance to join our Membership Plans. 
For as little as 53p a day, you can benefit from regular check ups and scale and polishes, along with a host of other benefits such as 20% off treatments and lab work. It enables us to provide you with the treatment and support necessary to control dental disease and restore your mouth to full fitness. Our modern, health promoting approach with continuing care means:

  • Fewer fillings
  • Less dental decay
  • Less likelihood of toothache
  • More attractive teeth
  • More choice
  • Reduced costs
  • Helping to keep your own teeth for life.

We believe the best way of making treatment affordable, without compromising high quality of care, is to offer you membership of our own Practice Membership Plan that provides the following benefits:
  • A convenient payment scheme for routine treatment
  • Greater choice of treatment and materials
  • More time to help prevent decay and gum disease
  • A fair and equitable system where everybody pays the same
  • Substantial discounts on additional treatments
  • Worldwide trauma and Emergency Callout Insurance
  • Redundancy Protection

You benefit from all of the following per year:
  • 2 regular dental appointments which provide a clinical examination, a check for oral cancer and routine x-rays when clinically necessary
  • 2 regular hygiene appointments to provide a scale and polish, periodontal advice, and preventive techniques to reduce decay and gum disease.
  • All treatment planning for your future dental needs
  • All subsequent remedial work within 12 months of recommended restorative work.
  • A discount on all laboratory based treatments ie crowns, bridges and dentures
  • A discount on fillings
  • A discount on most other dental work
  • A discount on any additional hygiene work
  • Worldwide trauma insurance to protect against the cost of a large unforeseen accidental damage
  • Emergency Callout Insurance should you need a dentist in an emergency, anywhere in the world.
  • Redundancy Protection for up to 12 months.
  • Dental Trauma Cover
  • Insurance for if you need to stay in hospital due to a dental reason
  • Cover and possible payment if you are diagnosed with an oral cancer

If you are interested in joining our Practice Membership Plan for just £16.00 a month, please call the practice and speak to one of our team members.
It's simple! The table below shows how much money you would save being a member of our Practice.

If you're interested or have any questions, please call one of our friendly team on 0121 420 2323 to discuss joining us!

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